“REVOLUTION AISLE 9 is pure imagination slathered in social commentary and a very cool Sci-Fi twist… Yes, AISLE 9 made me think. Truly ponder who we are as a society and my place in it. When a comic can entertain to this level and still leave me thinking afterwards, cut corners on art or lack of coloring become trivial matters… AISLE 9 is everything a comic should be.”Ain’t It Cool News

“Are you a fan of the Twilight Zone? Do you explore the internet in hopes of stories like what you used to see Rod Sterling introduce you to? Back Row Comics’ Revolution Aisle 9 follows the tradition of presenting a horror story that is more about a personal hell of weird than it is about the boogeyman under the bed… These are the kind of horror stories I really dig.”ComicAttack.net

“It’s utterly crazed, but brilliantly realized and inventively written… It’s a strong read, and shows a lot of promise from all the creative team… 4 stars.”Comics Bulletin

“Obviously tongue in cheek, this little ditty made me smile throughout. The art is smooth, the dialogue easy and the book well worth checking out!”Crikey! : The Great British Comics Magazine

“This issue is well-written by Brady Sullivan, holding my interest right to the end. The artwork of Andrea Schiavone is clean, crisp, and very well-drawn… I really enjoyed this story. As I said at the start, it’s full of great and imaginative writing. Also, the good artwork helps carry the story.”Blue Raven Comics

“[Revolution Aisle 9] is a great stand alone comic. If the rest of the stories coming out of Kent are this funny, intelligent, and all around well made, I’ll be happy to count myself amongst its population of readers.”Geeks of Doom

“Adam wages a one-man war against staff and local authorities, in a darkly humorous spin on Rambo: First Blood”Shelf Abuse

Revolution Aisle 9 is the standalone story of Adam, a loyal patriot, fighting alongside his countrymen against British forces to earn his country’s freedom. Then… something happened. He finds himself in the year 2011, fighting a new one-man war in the aisles of a gigantic retail store. Equal parts thriller and social satire, Revolution Aisle 9 mixes Rambo: First Blood and Falling Down, starring an out-of-time soldier in a sprawling labyrinth of our consumer culture.

Revolution Aisle 9 can be purchased digitally from the Death Springs General Store, Graphicly and Drive Thru Comics for just $0.99 or in printed form at Indy Planet, for $3.00.

Writer: Brady Sullivan, Art: Andrea Schiavone, Letters: Bernie Lee, Cover Colors: Jessie Alley